Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Saturday November 18 & Sunday November 19th,  2017 
Granville High School
248 New Burg St.
Granville, Ohio, 43023

Click here for the weekend schedule (see page 3 of pdf)

As most of you know, there are major changes for the Region Orchestra String Auditions this coming fall. OMEA will be using Acceptd for all the Region Orchestras. Here is the time line of events coming your way. It is important you hand this information out to the students before the end of the school year.

1. The East Central Region Orchestra website will post the updated cover letter which includes information on auditions, location of region orchestra weekend, application information, and emergency medical form. Students still need to print off a hard copy of the application and med form!! Hard copies or scanned PDF's of the application and med form must be mailed or emailed to me as usual!! One check is still required from each school for payment of each student ($45) participating from your school.  Registration forms/health forms and payments are due by: Friday October 14th, 2017

2. Strings, Winds, brass, and percussion will  submit auditions on Acceptd. (Excerpts will be chosen, one OMEA scale, and chromatic scale starting on any chosen pitch).

3. Audition excerpts will be posted on the East Central Website -
, 2017

4. Acceptd Portal Opens for Auditions ($15 fee with CC)- , 2017

5. Acceptd Portal Closes for Auditions - ,  2017

6.  String Audition Results posted on East Central Region Website - 
, 2017
Brass and Winds results a few days later