Audition & Registration

This process is comprised of: 

  1. registering online at ACCEPTD and 
  2. filling out Registration/Health PDF form. 
please see links below 
All students must register on ACCEPTD by May 31, 2018.

Students should disregard any audition instructions on ACCEPTD.  East Central Region is only using ACCEPTD for registrations ONLY.  Auditions will be live at Mt. Vernon HS.  Recordings will NOT be submitted!  Registration Fee is $15 on ACCEPTD.

Please have ready:
1.  Parent and student email address.
2.  Your directors contact information.
3.  Your directors 9 digit NAfME  identification number.
4.  Credit card for the $15 fee (paid directly to Acceptd)- nonrefundable.
5. School OMEA Region

1.  Will be held at Mt. Vernon HS on 
     Sunday August 26, 2018 (2-5 pm)  Auditions will be scheduled 
     by appointment.    
2.  Perform two scales listed on audition excerpt page.
3.  Perform three excerpts provided on audition excerpt page.
4.  Sight-read
5.  Your director will mail or scan/email your audition     
     application by May 31 (Application is page 4 of PDF link below)

  Registration Form : click link

6.  Your director will mail your health form from page 5
      and region orchestra fee of $45 nonrefundable by September 21.
Violins please note that:
  1. Only violins auditioning for first violin will be considered for All State Orchestra.
  2. Some first violin audition results may be placed in violin 2 to balance the sections.
  3. The first stand of the second violins will be the 5th and 6th violinists from the first violin auditions.  As a result, the first three stands and the first stand of the second violin will be selected for All State Orchestra.  

1.  Submit a recording and application to your director by Friday
     September 5, 2018.
2.  Recording may be three minutes of a solo or an excerpt of your
3.  Clearly mark the school, student's name, and instrument on
     the recording.  
4.  Announce the students name and selection on the recording.
5.  All State Band recordings for auditions may be used for Region 
6.  Your director will mail your application, audition fee, and 
7.  All recordings can be on a CD or emailed to Mr. Domka
8.  Music is available on East Central Region website after 
     results are posted.