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Audition Music

2019-2020 Orchestra Strings Recording Requirements: Each student (after announcing name and instrument) will next record all ETUDES listed below and next record the EXCERPT passages listed for their instrument. Finally, Orchestra Strings must record the required scales listed for their instrument. See details below.

OMEA All State & Region Orchestra Application Info and Link

VIOLIN: download links below

-Scales: A Major 3-octave scale, F Major 2 octave scale
-Etude: Mazas Etudes Brilliantes, Op. 36, Book II No. 39
-Excerpt: Schubert Symphony No. 2, first mvt., m. 11-47, First Violin

VIOLA: download here

-Scales: D Major 3-octave scale, Bb 2 octave scale
-Etude: Mazas Etudes #41 mm 1-24 (no repeat, 1st ending only)
-Excerpt: Brahms, Variations on a theme by Haydn, Variation VII (no repeats)

CELLO: download links below

-Scales: D Major 3-octave scale, Bb 2 octave scale
-Etude: Gruetzmacher etude OP. 38 No. 5 to first double bar (D major section)
-Excerpt: Smetana, Overture to Bartered Bride, cello 1, beginning to A

BASS: download links below

-Scales: A Major and F Major scales; 2 octaves
-Etude: Storch-Hrabe, Etude No. 1
-Excerpt: Schubert, Symphony No. 8, Movement #2 (section on page 4)

HARP: download links below

-Scales: None
-Etude: N.C. Boscha 40 Progressive Studies for Harp Etude #2, Moderato (pg. 89)
-Excerpt: Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake Ballet Suite Op. 20a, Scene #4, Cadenza


Email recording to Mr. Domka at by Saturday September 14. Recording must have any major scale, chromatic scale starting on any note, and either an OMEA Solo and Ensemble Class A, B, or C solo or any excerpt from any band music of your choice. All State band recordings may also be submitted.